Welcome to Highland Hollow


Welcome to our Highland Hollow Page! We’re pleased to bring you up to date on our new and exciting farm, two farm store locations, online ordering, Delmar Meat Drop and web page.

In March of 2016 we left behind our cherished 1788 Stone Farmhouse in Feura Bush, New York and moved to our new 102-acre farm in The Schoharie Valley and WOW what a view. As we continue to grow our stock in Scottish Highland-Hereford, Registered Champion Berkshire Pork (considered the “Kobe” of Pork-due to its super marbleization), Registered Jacob Sheep and Heritage Breed Turkeys there is something for everyone. “Mooooving right along” as we say keeping up with the demand and staying on our toes. Our customer base is coming from as far away as New York City to Saratoga Springs, with the majority from Albany County.

We are entering our fifth year of farming and providing our customers with the best meat possible. Dave Jr. is a fourth generation farmer and son, Oscar and daughter, Olive will be fifth generation. Benaye is a stay-at-home mom, manager, and midwife to the magnificent animals at Highland Hollow, assisting with the many births throughout the year. Highland Hollow is very unique compared to others, just try our 21 day dry-aged beef for yourself. Highland cattle have a rich, beefy taste and our cows are entirely grass-fed. The meat is significantly higher in Omega 3’s, Omega 6’s, CLA’s (conjugated linoleic acids), and vitamins and minerals. Our herd is a closed breeding program with two bulls and from time to time we add new genetics with female cows. Highland Hollow Cattle are a low stressed herd. Grazing in the Schoharie Valley with fertile soil and rainfall, cattle are moved from pasture to pasture peacefully every 21 days.