About Highland Hollow

Free Range, Grass Fed Beef and Poultry. No Hormones, Antibiotics, or Pesticides. Scottish Highland and Hereford Cattle. Turkeys Broad Breasted White / Heritage.

In 2010, Highland Hollow was established with the intentions to get back to our roots and to provide families with the highest quality food available. Me, being a third generation beef farmer and a second generation butcher the free range, grass fed, approach is in our DNA. This wasn’t a career change or a “getting me out of a cubical office job”, it was a chance to provide people with the opportunity to eat food the way its suppose to be raised. People also like to say the food our grandparents ate.

We had moved to the original 1788 Van Dyke stone house in Feura Bush, New York. Once, in its hay day, was a working family farm and we intended to bring it back to that state. The farm we had purchased was 60 acres. Now we have a second farm that includes 60 acres of pasture, and we hay an additional 350 acres. Our customer base is from New York City to Saratoga, with the majority of our customers from Albany County.

The beef we decided to raise were Scottish Highland Cattle. Owning a Landscaping company, I pride myself on setting myself apart from everyone and simply just like being different. As you drive past our farms you can’t help yourself from stopping, rolling down the windows, snap a picture or two, and admire these majestic cattle. It was also very important to us to raise heritage breed animals.

Through the years there have been several changes made to our farm. In 2012, we began haying our own hay to feed our animals. This ensures us that there are no harmful herbicides in the feed we hay our animals. It also allows us to be self reliant. In 2013 we also decided to add pork to our line of products along with Jacob and Katahdin Sheep. Here we are ever changing and you never know whats next.

We also raise Thanksgiving and Christmas Turkeys. These again are free range and heritage. We hatch and raise and hatch the birds on our property to insure there quality.

We offer our products year-round and are available by custom ordering directly from our farm. The pages ahead will give you even more info about us and our animals. We encourage you to call with any questions and we welcome anyone to stop by and check us out.


Dave, Benaye, Oscar, and Olive Raylinsky
Aka Highland Hollow